INFIN8 BRANDS is an association of companies all owned by the Naseeb Family. Since 1982, their empire originated with a small manufacturing company, producing baked goods for renown distribution networks. Fast forward to today, our Group of Holdings have entered over 8 sectors of business with their well-established companies that have been created from the ground up, with sectors such as trading, agriculture, food & beverage, hospitality, fashion, property development, and more.

We work together with our hard working team that shares the same beliefs as us. With such knowledgable, tenacious individuals working amongst us, we have been able to make the strides we have in our various industries. We understand that the road to success is not simple to navigate. However, with passion, hard work and determination, we believe anything is possible. It is this same belief that brought us to where we are today. Work with us and see the difference when you choose INFIN8 BRANDS.

38 years of experience
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Infin8 Brands

INFIN8 BRANDS has been in business since 1982 and is a reputable importer and exporter based in Markham, Ontario, Canada. We have established successful brands such as R’ Home Décor, Thermotastic, Cheery Chews and Baker’s Tip. In addition, we deal with a variety of commodities such as seasonal goods, home and baking tools, apparel, confectionary and other consumer goods.

“With our vast scope of inventory, we aim to provide products that enhance the quality of life and contribute to a healthier future for your home, family, and lifestyle.”



Since our inception, we have remained true to our core values and mission, and promise to deliver the following to each of our customers:.

Our philosophy is to offer each of our suppliers and retailers worldwide, innovative products that are of the highest standards at a reasonable price.