Brand Story

For almost 40 years, the masterminds behind Viva Pure have been working vigilantly to bringing you the best food and beverages available. After decades of hard work, we put our minds and hearts together to create a brand that resonates with the consumer of today, and with the hustle and bustle we face nowadays as busy individuals, we wanted our brand name to be represented by the level of effort we put into pursuing our passions.

That’s why we named ourselves Viva Pure: which is defined by
“great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective”.

We selected the colors to represent our brand to not only denote the freshness and cleanliness we want our brand to exhibit, but also represent growth, renewal, prosperity and stability. Merging these elements together, we look forward to Viva Pure’s prosperous future in entering the organic cold-pressed juice market.


Our vision as Viva Pure is to provide delicious beverages that are 100% organic, grown with sustainability, traceability and flexibility in mind with no added sugars and artificial colors. We aim to provide a healthy alternative to what the current market provides. With our range of refreshing organic, cold-pressed juices, we hope to break the mold of what it means to provide ready-to-go products and ensure there is a healthy alternative to the mindful shopper.


        • To provide a thoughtful product with sustainability, traceability and flexibility in mind.
        • To provide our delicious fruit & vegetable juice blends with no artificial colors, preservatives, flavors or added sugar.
        • To make sure our current and future generation of shoppers have a healthy no-fuss mindful product available to all.


To serve cold-pressed beverages and to retain as much nutrition and
goodness as possible, made with produce of the following certifications:

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